Pop-Up Studio Program

The purpose of Interplay Space's Pop-Up Studio Program:

Collaborate with an individual or company who has commercial space suitable for private studios that can be offered to concept-driven artists on a temporary basis who help create a vibrant, interactive and supportive environment. Studio space is offered to applicants that best demonstrate a commitment to their practice, to experimentation and innovation in their work, to seek artistic and professional development, and to be a part of and contributing to a dynamic community of artists and creative thinkers.

This program gives Interplay Space flexibility to find one or more available commercial spaces where we could collaborate with the owner or tenant to offer pop-up studio space to concept-driven artists for free or at an affordable rate.

And we're always on the look-out. Therefore, complete the form below if you are a person/company, or learn of a person/company, who would like to have pop-up studios in their commercial space or property on a short- or long-term basis. Interplay Space will vet the artists, and manage the whole process.

If you're an artist who would like to join our waiting list and be notified when studio space becomes available, please complete this APPLICATION.

Program Goals 

  • Support individuals whose work will impact the larger cultural landscape 
  • Experimentation and collaboration 
  • Integration into a dynamic, interactive and supportive environment in order to make the creative process flourish
  • Opportunities for engagement/cross-cultural exchange with local artists and audiences


  • Concept-driven artists with a deep commitment to their practice and to advancing the mission of Interplay Space.
  • Artists must be over 18 years of age. 
  • Artists working in most mediums will be considered. Artists working with toxic materials, hazardous machinery, etc. may not be considered due to limitations within the building. 
  • Artists must be ready to enjoy working in an open studio setting where the public is able to interact with the artist during public hours. 

Selection Criteria 

  • Artistic merit of past and current work. 
  • Readiness to engage with and benefit from creating at Interplay Space. 
  • Potential to further develop an innovative creative practice and impact the community. 

Selection Process 

  • The Board of Directors of Interplay Space reviews applications to ensure completion and eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 
  • Submissions may be reviewed by art professionals in the community. 
  • The Board of Directors evaluates each artist’s application and selects finalists.
  • Finalists may be invited for an in-person or Skype interview to determine final selections.


  • Varies depending on space available